Skin, step by step

Eczema/Neurodermatitis, Pimples/Acne


I have an itchy, red rash on my skin (arms, face, neck, chest, stomach, legs, around the ears, in the folds of the skin).

I have a constant intense itching and it is very uncomfortable.

I have red bumps, dandruff and peeling skin.

If scratched, dry patches of skin and open sores with crusts may develop and may get infected.

My skin has become thicker and darker in colour from this rash. I look older.

My itchiness is worse in humid weather/dry weather.

My baby has small red bumps on her face and arms and scabby sores on his/her head.

My baby suddenly developed eczema.

I have to wear gloves to work because my hands are so red and ugly.

I wear a mask because my face is red with ugly bumps. I am embarrassed to show my face.

If I don’t take medicine I am terribly itchy.


There are various reasons for different skin conditions. At Bicom Yokohama we look at the overall picture of the body. That might be anything from hormone/parasympathetic nerve balance, and build up of toxins: agricultural chemicals, bacteria, viruses (eg: Herpes virus), heavy metals, improper assimilation of nutrients in the intestines. This can be caused by an increase of the bad types of fungi in the intestinal lining like candida fungi, which reduces the amount of good fungi in the intestines. Also skin problems that get worse with weather changes like extreme dryness or humidity can possibly coincide with the amount of mold in the air. 


1) When we find out what is the main thing causing the imbalance in the body testing various substances through the Bicom device.

2) Then using an inverted frequency that flows to the body through electrodes, the strongest testing substance is cancelled out on an energetic level. This then removes the toxin from the body and leaves the cells able to communicate as they originally were meant to.

Imagine a life free of itchy, red, sore skin. With no more embarrassing acne.