Hay Fever Plan

Sneezing, runny nose, red itching eyes, extreme tiredness, heaviness, headache, cough, feeling unwell, can’t sleep well. These symptoms are uncomfortable right? It starts with the onset of pollen season. And continues and gradually becomes worse so that you can’t do without medicine.

Inhalation (hay fever) allergies are in epidemic proportions here in Japan. According to the Ministry of Health 1 in 4 people have hay fever. Why are allergies so prominent these days?

We have much more air pollution than we did 20 years ago. We also have a worse diet than we did 20 years ago and have busy lives and don’t always have time to eat healthy. This puts a stress on our immune system and our bodies can go out of balance easily.


Eating an unbalanced diet can throw the body out of balance and certain nutrients are not able to be absorbed as they should. From a bioresonance point of view this is the one of the causes of allergies.

Another cause is the bone alignment and consequential nerve flow of the neck and pelvic regions. If bone alignment is out of balance here it can put stress on any area of the body, including our elimination organs, and if not corrected can cause anything from allergies to diabetes, or even cancer.



How to return to a life that you don’t need to take medicine or wear a mask!


1) Each person is different so first we do a muscle test to test the body on an frequency level to see what is built up in terms of toxins, e.g.: Food intolerances, metals, fungi, mold, chemicals, bacteria, etc. And how the energy flow is moving. 

​2) Then we go about finding the most ideal frequency in the bicom machine. The Bicom machine has over 1,000 different programs programmed into it. Each program has a specific action. Once we find the most optimal frequency for that person, we pass it into the body via electrodes to help remove those toxins as quickly as possible from the body. The process is painless and very gentle.