A QHHT Session: Healing from abuse - a story about my little brave friend

I had a very interesting session yesterday where the client kindly agreed to do a session swap in exchange for me asking questions of her higher self.

What I wanted to know about was my little dog. Her name is ‘Vanilla’. I originally got her because my husband was sick last year. He had been working much too hard and needed some love and joy in his life. We got her from a breeder when she was just 50 days old. She is a Miniature Daschund and extremely cute. We love her very much and are very glad she came to us.

She is very sensitive and nervous in disposition. At first I thought it was because she had never been taken outside but after a while it seemed to be more than that. I do think she has had trauma at some stage. She is terrified of screaming children and is generally extremely nervous. She jumps a mile high to every tiny sound in the house. She spends half the time looking behind her for a possible ‘bogeyman’ when we go out for a walk. She just generally seems to be scared and not at peace with herself.

Vanilla - finally becoming more relaxed

Along with being a QHHT® practitioner, I also am a Bioresonance Practitioner. I use homeopathics for some bioresonance clients. Last month I also tested my little dog for a homeopathic remedy to help calm her anxious character. The test showed she needed a homeopathic remedy called, ‘Borax’. It is for ‘fear of abandonment, foreboding fear of something terrible happening, wakes up in a terrible fright, as if his (her) end had arrived, extreme inner restlessness coupled with anxiety, nausea caused by intense feelings’. It shocked me how much in fear she was.

All these symptoms seemed to fit her constitution. You can see it in her eyes. She is startled very easily. She looks like she thinks I will never return when I leave home to go out. She gets nauseous when anxious/scared and even vomits.

Anyway, with the kind permission of the client I asked the Subconscious (SC) about her situation, ‘Why is she so timid and nervous?’ And what the SC told me was shocking and very saddening. They said she was abused everyday of her first 49 days of life. I got her at 50 days old. The mother in the house she came from had been kicking her and the whole litter of pups, every time she walked past them in the room. Her daughter is the actual breeder, not the mother. But they all live together. They had about twenty dogs in total. The SC said the Mother resented having to feed all these dogs. It was a burden. So when I went to pick up Vanilla they told me there were only 2 pups in the litter. I immediately thought that was strange… Even though that is possible, dogs usually have a few more than two in a litter.

Another thing that has really got my attention since we got her is that she has always been extremely ravenous. I know dogs love their food but this is really an anxious type of eating. The food doesn’t touch her sides when she swallows it. She is a bottomless pit! She never leaves any food. Just stuffs it in as soon as she can. And hence she eats anything when we go for a walk. I know dogs can be like that but Vanilla is extreme!  

Regarding this the SC said the pups were removed from their mother 4- 5 days after birth and just given short bursts with their mother for feeding. Vanilla was much smaller than her brother. The SC said some of the pups did not get enough nutrition because they were not given enough time to drink milk….The others slowly died from a combination of injuries from her kicking them and malnutrition. I think that could all be very true.

But I am very grateful to her because she is here with us now, we love her and can’t imagine life without her. And she is healing my husband! He even dances around the living room with her in his pajamas!

And to finish the story on a nice note, the SC told me that Vanilla will heal from this experience, start to trust people and be able to relax. And after she heals she will then heal other dogs with a similar kind of problem. She will be able to do this because she has lived through the same kind of thing and healed from it. She actually chose to experience it so she could learn. Once healed she will heal by rubbing noses with other dogs. And the SC also said she will be able to heal humans too! Wow! Super dog! So it will be lovely to watch her transition over the coming months.

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