An Important message from the earth - PART 1

Recently here in Japan we have been experiencing very, very hot temperatures. This is coupled with very high humidity so it is very uncomfortable and many are succumbing to heat stroke and other heat related problems. 

This is certainly not the first time I have had a QHHT session and been told the state of the Earth is causing climate change. But in the past week I have had 3 different sessions where the SC has said similar things about the heat and the state of the planet now. Two of the sessions were a warning for us to make changes and the other session was explaining how we can make a change quickly. I thought as it is on everybody’s minds at the moment I will share the session details here. I have received permission from the clients and have removed parts of the sessions that contain personal information. I will post this in three parts.

The first client has done very well in a business career and has returned to study as a mature student. He came for a session because of not being able to pass a subject at University. He is a very capable student but there is one subject that he seems to have a problem with. It is a specialized type of communication but due to privacy reasons I will not explain more than that. When he sits the communication exam he suddenly gets nervous, breaks out in a sweat and his mind goes totally blank. He sat the exam 3 times and failed each time. But when he practices for the exam at home he is able to do very well. So why can’t he do it when he is sitting the test? All other subjects he does well in. It has been very frustrating for him as to why this is happening. So being very frustrated and desperate he came for a QHHT session. 

The other thing that was interesting is that he is not that into the paranormal stuff. So it was interesting when his Subconscious (SC) started talking about paranormal things during his session.

So we started the session. He went very deep very quickly. His SC first showed him a picture of the symbol for Western Medicine, the snake wrapped around a sword. They explained it meant the communication form he was studying is a form of healing for him. It healed him when he listened to it. But more than that, the ‘nature spirits’ that live in nature were trying to communicate something to him. That was why he was having trouble with passing his test. In affect they were stopping him from passing his test so that he would search and find the reason why. And the reason was to get their message. A message so important they were literally stopping him from passing his test. And his search for the answer brought him for a QHHT session.

Jane (J): Who should he convey this message to?

Subconscious (SC): The nature spirits are in the ice in the glaciers of the Arctic and Antarctica.

J: Should he go to these places?

SC: No. Rather than go there they (nature spirits) are saying,  ‘we don’t want this global warming, (ice melting) to happen’. 

J: Are they (nature spirits in the glaciers) in trouble?

SC: Yes, they are.

J: Are there similar spirits here in Japan?

SC: I don’t think there are any similar (ice nature spirits) here but I can see some others at the bottom of Tokyo Tower in the small garden and park. There is also a message from these spirits in Shibakoen. It is not enough to convey the message just from Tokyo Tower (I asked the client about this after the session. He said there is a message being sent from Tokyo Tower into space to alert to the problem here. He wasn’t able to tell me more than that).

‘we don’t want the ice to melt’.

J: What is that message?

SC: The message is, ‘Don’t destroy anymore nature! Keep it so that cicadas can keep singing their songs. Things like car exhaust fumes, etc, change the climate and make it hotter so that the cicadas will not be able to live there anymore’.

J: I don’t think he (client) is destroying nature personally so what should he do about it?

SC: He should tell people about it. He needs to spread the message wide. He needs to work at it. Not just tell his friends but we want him to use more effort in spreading the message to others. This doesn’t mean for him to do all the work but to tell someone about it. If he can explain what is happening (to the Earth), about how this effects their lives directly, they can work towards solving the problem.

J: What if he doesn’t tell people about your message? What will happen if everybody continues to destroy nature?

SC: The Earth will become a very hot ‘hell’ and people will burn and die. The Earth will be scorched by the sun and destroyed.

J: Like Yaki Tori (Japanese grilled chicken)?

SC: Yes. Something like that. People’s skin will burn.

J: Will it become that hot?

SC: Yes, it will.

J: But why will it become that hot?

SC: Because nature is being destroyed. And that will cause summer to last the whole year round. The earth will change so that Cicadas will be singing the whole year round.

J: This year it is especially hot, isn’t it? (I know it has been hot generally in the northern hemisphere, but this summer in Japan has been extremely hot).

SC: This year’s hot summer is a warning to ‘stop all this (destruction)!’ To try to give everybody a warning. But no-one is waking up to it. Humans are actually making themselves hot. They need to protect the Earth and space.

J: So is it true that having more trees will make Earth cooler?

SC: We should have lots of trees and don’t waste water. We must value water more.

J: I don’t think normal people want to destroy nature. So why is nature being destroyed?

SC: Some people profit by destroying nature. These people only think about themselves not about the next generation. And not only that, what we are doing here on Earth effects the moon and other planets which are also being polluted. If we don’t do something now it will effect other people in space. And something that we can’t see are the electrical waves that are coming from Earth. It will negatively affect other planets. These negative electrical waves are penetrating even beyond Saturn and Jupiter, through to pitch black space in very far away regions.

If we don’t stop what we are doing now, I feel that Earth will be in a dangerous situation.

J: Are other stars in danger?

SC: Other (people from other) stars might come (to Earth) and retaliate. To prevent that from happening we need to stop our selfishness.

J: Is there any chance the Earth will disappear?

SC: If we don’t wake up now the Earth will disappear. It will evaporate. Like it was rubbed out with an eraser.

This article is the first of a 3 part series where 3 different clients all in the same week give a very similar message about the Earth. Please stayed tuned for the next chapter, next week!

©Jane Ishii 2018