An Important message from the Earth - PART 2

This week’s session was very interesting. It gave very similar information to last week’s session about why we are having such hot weather this summer. But these two people don’t know each other. If two people that don’t each other get the same information from their subconscious then I think that is something worth looking at. We know in QHHT that practitioners in other countries can and do get the same information even though clients don’t know each other and live thousands of miles away. Dolores Cannon, the creator of QHHT and my teacher, also found the same answers from different people after doing 1000’s of sessions all over the world. Is this just a coincidence or is there more to what the subconscious knows that what we think? As this message has come from three different people consecutively, I think we need to listen to it.

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This is the conversation I had with the client in the first part of the session as an energy state which was water-like, and then later I spoke directly to the Subconscious:

Jane (J): How is the Earth doing at the moment here in 2018?

Water (W): It’s dirty.

J: So what do you think will happen moving into the future?

W: It will harden.

J: The Earth?

W: Yes. It will tighten and harden. 

J: I see. So how can we help it cleanse?

W: If it hardens it will become hotter. To prevent that we need to help it to relax. 

J: How can we do that?

W: …(no answer)

J: Recently it has been very hot. Especially this year. 

W: Yes, it suddenly became very hard/constricted.

J: So when you say, ‘suddenly’does that mean say like gradually from the 70’s? 

W: No. I mean just in the past few years. 

J: OK. So what is the original cause of this heat? 

W: There is a large country that is becoming dirtier and dirtier. It is ⚫⚫ (A very large developing country in Asia. The client didn’t want to name the country because of not wanting to place any negativity on any one country).

J: 'Where should we increase nature?' SC: 'On dry arid land'

J: Right. So what will happen (if this continues)?

W: The Earth will harden/constrict even more and become hotter. 

J: I see.

W: It’s saying, it’s in pain.

J: The Earth?

W: Yes.

J: If this situation continues what will happen?

W: It will harden and become hotter which will be painful for the Earth and then it will become angry.

J: It will become angry?

W: Yes. Because the Earth is alive.

J: So it will become angry?

W: Yes, it will.

J: And what will happen then?

W: It will become violent.

J: What do you mean by that? How will the Earth become violent? 

W: She will hurt herself.

J: How? What will happen for example?

W: There will be holes appear in the ocean. Cracks will open up and in the hot, hardened areas the Earth will bring water to cool herself. 

J: Right.

W: There will be change like we have never seen before. The Earth can’t go on like this. It's in pain. (the client’s voice sounded burdened and her breathing became heavy).

J: So what can we humans do to help? Is there any way to prevent this from happening?

W: Yes, Pray. So the Earth can relax.

J: Is that all? What should we do about the pollution? Should we just leave it?

W: Mmm.

J: Is there anything humans can do to help (the Earth)? 

W: Rubbish. Plastic, stop (using) it. 

J: Is that all?

W: Increase nature.

J: How? Where should we increase it?

W: On dried, arid land. Gradually increase nature around areas that have become hot to heal it. 

J: So plant trees? 

W: Yes. And ivy.

J: Right. Those kinds of plants. So should we plant more trees in the cities?

W: Yes.

J: How can we increase the amount of trees in the cities. There is so much concrete in the cities…

W: Even if you can’t increase the number of trees, at least put soil down so that animals can return. 

J: OK.

W: When you do that seeds will blow in on the wind. 

J: Right.

W: So strong plants and trees will just start growing. Don’t just lay out soil in the ground, have the soil seeded already when you lay it down. 

J: What about grass? Most parks here (in Japan) are covered in gravel. What should we do about that? Is gravel OK as it is? 

W: No, the Earth can't breath. Use sand or fine wood chips. Use wood shavings. 

J: How about something like compost? 

W: Yes. Like the stuff that comes from when you shave/cut trees.

J: Yes. Like wood chips? 

W:  Yes.  Not just wood chips but finer wood shavings.

J: So if we put fine wood shavings down on the ground what will happen? 

***At this point the client suddenly heard an electronic sound so the subject changed. ***

J: OK. So we should increase nature. So where should we increase it (trees) in Japan first? 

W: The other day, Western Japan…. 

J: What do you mean?

W: This is where the earth is particularly exhausted (within Japan).

J: Ah. You mean the most tired place within Japan? 

W: Yes, it is very tired and the energy there is very low. 

J: Does ⚫⚫ (city name in western Japan) have really low energy? (The client doesn’t want to publish the names of the areas that are in trouble because she felt that they are not the only places that have lower energies. She also felt this is an overall problem and didn’t want to focus on just the areas her subconscious talked about).

W: Yes.

J: Not Tokyo?

W: Tokyo’s energy is also low but western Japan’s energy is lower. 

J: Why is the energy in western Japan lower?

W: There was a lot of (recent) flooding there, right?

J: Ah, right.

W: There was a huge downpour of rain that caused flooding somewhat like a tsunami. 

J:  Is that because that area became very hot? And so the Earth cooled herself with rain there? 

W: The area that became hot was actually another area but that is where the (Earth’s) anger popped out. Just because the (Earth’s) anger comes to that place doesn’t’always mean it is hot there. 

J: Right. So it might happen in another area.

W: Yes, that’s right.

J: OK, I understand. So should we plant more tress in the countryside or the city? 

W: If possible, the city too.

J: OK.

W: On the roofs and walls of buildings.

J: OK. Got it.

*** We then went to speak directly to the subconscious. The client felt a sensation on her right hand so the subject changed. This was when I was asking about the scenes the client saw earlier ***

J: You showed her a scene where she was on a pink star. She was in a water-like state. She was a water-like state being living in a cave. And she had heard Earth was becoming dirty, polluted and so she came to observe the situation. She wanted to help change Earth, make some (positive) influence to clean Earth. Why did you show her that scene? 

SC: That wasn’t a pink star. That was a pink rock.

J: OK. So she was living in a pink rock? 

SC: Yes. Me, the water. The water droplet, was living there.

J: Ah, right.

SC: Yeah. It's not a big star, just a small rock.

J: Right. You showed her a scene with the Earth becoming hotter and harder. There were two big countries in Asia in particular, that were releasing a lot of pollution and causing the Earth to become hotter and very hard. The Earth was in pain and became angry and violent with itself. And the Earth then cooled herself with very heavy rainfall. Why did you show her that scene? 

SC: To start with, the reason I showed her that scene is that we are all connected through the ground. 

J: Through the ground?

SC: Yes. The rocks are all connected to each other. In their bodies is stored ancient wisdom. We are exchanging this ancient knowledge and communicating with each other about the state of the Earth at the moment. That stone told her that knowledge, (Earth’s update) that’s all.

J: So what do you want her to do with that knowledge? 

SC: She is prepared. All she needs to do is to take action.

J: What kind of action should she take? 

SC: She should let that spark into form.

J: What are you saying, concretely? To plant trees? 

SC: 。。。(no answer).

J: And also to quit using plastic, right? And reduce rubbish? Increase nature? What should she do? 

SC: We want her to use the yellow rubbish bag. 

J: Yes?

SC: Corn? You know there is a rubbish bag made from corn, don’t you?

J: Ah. Is that what you want her to use, instead of plastic?

SC: 。。(no answer).

The subconscious suggests we all use a completely biodegradable shopping bag made of corn instead of plastic bags.

J: Japan uses quite a lot of plastic, doesn’t it?

SC: Yes. A lot.

J: So, we should use that yellow bag (made from corn), right? 

SC: Yes, slowly introduce it to make a change.

J: Do you think we will be able to (save the Earth) in time?

SC: If everybody changes?

J: Do you think everybody will change?

SC: (The SC didn't answer me directly here) Show others that you are using this (bag) to send a message to them. 

J: Right, I see. Thank-you very much. I then moved on the ask the client’s personal questions as we were running out of time. 

Next week’s blog will be a video of a session. The client’s subconscious also had an important message from the Earth, very similar to the message in PART 1 and 2 of this series. Stay tuned for the video next week.

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