Transmuting fear to heal

I really love this work as I get so many interesting people come. Just recently I had a lovely Japanese man come for a session. He is a professional working in education. He had a stroke last year and had been told by his doctor that having another stroke in the next few years is a real possibility. And because of this he felt he didn’t have much time left. He is not old, still in his 50’s but feared he would die soon.

Transmute fear to heal

The stroke was a result of high blood pressure and arteriosclerosis (hardening of the arteries) and atherosclerosis (narrowing of the arteries). He wanted to see if he could get some relief from his symptoms and live a little longer than the doctor had forecast so he made an appointment to come to me for a QHHT session.

During the session when I spoke directly to his subconscious it told me that his stroke was to teach him about (the meaning of) life. And it was also related to his fear. They told him, ‘Don’t fear’ and that would enable him to learn the lesson the stroke was trying to teach him. Another component was his diet. The subconscious said that before the stroke he liked eating oily foods. They said he had stopped eating oily foods since the stroke but he could do even better with his diet by eating even more vegetables and the instruction was specifically to eat raw vegetables. Salads were advised. They also told him to drink water that did not have chlorine in it. As a rule, chlorine is used as a disinfectant in the city water. His subconscious told me that the chlorine contributed to the hardening of the arteries which caused the stroke. They advised him to get a filter on his tap at home so he could drink clean water that would not build up as a sediment in his arteries.

If he took this advice the subconscious said he would get better. And as he was not very optimistic about living very long they said ‘if he takes these measures and changes his thought pattern from fear to being carefree, he can live as long as he wants! It is up to him!’

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Jane Ishii

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