Reasons for infertility

Reasons for infertility through QHHT

Getting pregnant is not just about having sex at the right time or going through the process of IVF. The mind can play a very big part in the fertility process.

Negative emotions, thoughts and actions can lead to anxiety and depression which can sabotage your efforts of becoming pregnant. All too often this part of the equation is ignored by western medicine and the woman trying to get pregnant too. 

As a natural health practitioner I have many woman come for assistance in getting pregnant. Whether it be through Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT) or Bioresonance, I help many women find the cause of their infertility which then allows them to make a change to their lives that will help them become pregnant. 

During a QHHT I am able to help the client access their higher self directly. The higher self knows everything about the person. They know the answers to problems that even the conscious mind does not know. It can tell them exactly why they have not been able to get pregnant. And they can give them advice on how they can get pregnant. This part of the session can be mind blowing for people giving them the answers which allows them to make changes to help them move forward in becoming pregnant. 

As there are commonalities to the cause of infertility, particularly with QHHT sessions, I would like to share them here in the hope that women and doctors look at more into the real cause of the problem.

Dirty Womb

A woman who came for a QHHT session had just become pregnant. Just before she became pregnant she was guided through a dream to drink some Noni juice, a health supplement. She normally drank Noni juice to help keep her healthy but the dream instructed her to increase the amount. She had no idea why but did what the dream said. And then the next month she became pregnant! But she didn't understand the connection to the Noni juice. So she came for a session to find out why.

So during the QHHT session her higher self explained it. They said she needed to cleanse her womb, rid it of toxins, to prepare for pregnancy. The Noni Juice in a larger amount did that for her. And that is why she became pregnant the next month.

They said this was a major cause for infertility in many women. The Higher self also said they wanted her to help other women with this information so they can clean their uteruses and become pregnant too. And that is what she is doing now.

Why is Noni Juice good?

Her higher self specifically instructed her to drink Tahitian Noni juice. They explained Tahiti is a very clean environment with very little pollution compared with the rest of the world. They said the soil is a living, breathing, unpolluted, healthy soil. This provides the nutrients and energy the Noni trees need to grow and produce a high energy and vitality packed Noni juice.  Not only does the Noni juice help to clean the uterus, they explained, it's nutrient value is also excellent nutrition to help prepare the body to conceive and carry a baby.

Apart from drinking Noni juice you can also avoid eating environmental toxins from your food and environment. Eat organic fresh fruits and vegetables, use only very safe cosmetics and unpolluted toothpaste, shampoo and conditioner. The second step is to clean your womb. This can be done through drinking Tahitian Noni juice or you can ask your higher self to do this during a QHHT session. It can also be done during a bioresonance session.


The next cause of infertility from another QHHT session was ‘worry'. The SC said worrying about this and that causes stress and can lead to depression. The woman is worried about getting pregnant. Worried if they are taking care of themselves properly and doing the right thing toward getting pregnant. Worried about the blood test results from the doctor. Is their progesterone high enough? Is their FSH too high? Are they ovulating? Is their temperature going up after ovulation? Is their cycle too short or too long? Will they get pregnant this month? There are so many reasons to worry about when trying to get pregnant. All this contributes to a disharmonious environment which the baby does not want to come into. So keeping relaxed and worry free is the key. I know this can be difficult but during a QHHT session you can ask the higher self how the woman can do that. And the higher self will give specific advice for that woman.

One common answer is to this question is to do something to take your mind off getting pregnant. A hobby or something that you can really be mentally absorbed by. Another reason from another session was to stop going to the doctor. The doctor was doing blood tests every month and when the woman's hormones were not a normal, healthy level that made her worry. So the higher self said stop going to the hospital.

Self Blame

When the woman has tried to get pregnant for some time and cannot it becomes a disappointment month after month. In another session the woman was blaming herself for not being able to get pregnant. In terms of the mental emotional picture of the woman the SC told me that the baby will not come into a body of a woman who is blaming herself. Self blame is like a form of self hatred. If you are down on yourself then why would a delicate little baby want to come into that 'heavy’ energy? It would be a hard terrain to exist in. So in this case the woman needs to forgive herself and possibly forgive others around her. The SC also told me the husband was angry that she had not gotten pregnant. He would tell her every now and then. And this was perpetuating her self blame. So in this case the woman needed to forgive herself and her husband for not being able to get pregnant. The SC said if she did this she would get pregnant.

Anger (case 1)

In another session a woman was trying to have her second child. She suspected the husband of cheating on her. That made her body reject his sperm. She was actually angry with him so her body was not comfortable so the baby would not be comfortable coming into it. Hence she would not get pregnant in this state. So in this case the woman needed to talk to her husband, forgive him and then she would be able to get pregnant.

Anger (case 2)

Another woman came for a session just after divorcing her husband. She had uterine fibroids, which are growths in the uterus. She was wanting to know the cause of them and she also wanted to heal them. When I asked her higher self why she had them, they said the fibroids cause was from when she was married. When she was with her husband she wanted to have a second child but her husband did not. So she was angry with him about that. And that anger manifested into a growth in her uterus, uterine fibroids. In a QHHT session I always ask the higher self to heal the problem and in this session too. So the woman went home and the very next day she went to the gynecologist to have her uterine fibroids checked. When she got the result it was absolutely clear! There were no fibroids left in her uterus. Her uterus was perfectly healthy and normal. So that was an instantaneous healing done together by the woman and her higher self. Amazing things do happen in QHHT with support from your higher self.

I hope this information helps other woman who are trying to get pregnant. If you have a similar story please tell me about it in the comments below.

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