The amazing spontaneous healing power of QHHT

When the cause becomes crystal clear healing follows.

I had a lovely message from a QHHT client today.  The client is in her 30's and came for various reasons but one of them was that she had uterine fibroids that had been a problem for a couple of years.

The doctor had suggested she have an operation to remove them. But she thought they might grow back because she was not fixing the cause. She had worked on them herself with diet quite successfully, but they were still about 3cm in size according to the doctor. She wanted to heal them completely. So she came for a QHHT session.

Today she went to the doctor to get them checked again but they were gone. Totally gone! Even the doctor was surprised.

The reason behind this miraculous healing is that through the session she realized what the cause was. During a QHHT session we always speak to the client's subconscious/higher self. As the subconscious knows everything about the person they are able to tell us exactly why the person has that problem. And through knowing the 'why' the problem becomes very easy to heal.

Her subconscious told me the cause. It was that she was not acknowledging her feminine side properly. Her feminine side means her feminine power. And that was causing a problem in her hormone balance and hence caused the fibroids to grow. So once she knew the cause she was able to change the situation and this time it was an instant change! Which meant she was able to do what her subconscious recommended and that healed her. It was a lovely result for her. She was overwhelmed with joy at the instant healing!

If you create sickness with your mind you can heal it with your mind! What a great outcome. She healed herself!

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Jane Ishii

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