Why do Japanese work so hard?

This is a QHHT session of a Japanese woman wanting advice about her job. She works in the international department of a huge Japanese conglomerate company. She is also a light worker and is very sensible about her work hours. She is extremely productive and gets her job done fast. And so she then is able to leave work at 5:00 like a normal person. But as you see in this video being productive is not necessarily a good thing in Japan. Actually, Japan is the least productive country in the world in terms of getting the job done fast. As everybody knows Japanese people often work very long hours.

Even though this woman has been at this company a long time she hasn't received the normal pay rises and normal approval ratings. She was wondering why? Here subconscious told her exactly why and what to do about it. They also explained why Japanese people work so hard. See what they said to her here:   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ntj_-ko7O3k&t=29s

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