QHHT sessions with Jane Ishii, Level 3 Practitioner & Teaching Ambassador, in Australia. Jane conducts sessions in Ballarat several times a year. Jane will next be conducting sessions in Ballarat after the travel restrictions have been lifted. At this stage it looks like it will be early in 2021 or later. The schedule will be released when confirmed. If you have registered on Jane's wait list for a session and did not receive an email that means your turn has not come yet. People will be contacted in order of their registration. First-come-first-served basis. If you are in a hurry for a session please look for another practitioner near you, via the official QHHT website:

​Jane learnt directly from Dolores Cannon and conducts sessions just as Dolores did.

Each session is one-on-one and takes between 4 - 6 hours which includes  pre-session talk, hypnosis, after session talk. The age limit for a session is from 16 years old with no upper limit. The price of a session is $450AUD.

Jane also visits NSW, QLD and SA from time to time. If you would like Jane to come to you for a session that is also possible. Please send a request to the below mailing list with your details including town/suburb.

To book a QHHT session please join Jane's wait list below. You will be contacted to confirm a date and time when Jane's next visit is confirmed. You will be contacted in the order of your registration.


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