Stop Smoking

With Bioresonance

H​ave you wanted to kick the habit but can't?

Cigarettes can be very addictive. The addiction encompasses physical and psychological aspects making trying to break the habit of smoking difficult.

Everything in nature gives off a vibration or an oscillation and this also applies to substances taken into the body. The memory of each substance is stored in the body. In the case of smoking, one of the frequencies that is stored is nicotine. When people actively make an effort to give up smoking it is usually difficult as the information of the nicotine is still present in the body, still vibrating and sending messages to the brain in the form of cravings.

Our stop smoking program is a natural, non-invasive, and non-chemical treatment that is very successful. It can help remove these cravings by cancelling out the frequency of nicotine using the Bicom Optima.

The program involves one 2 hour session and then another 60 minute follow-up session if needed.

This is for people who are genuinely wanting to quit smoking but have not been able to.

Stop Smoking with Bicom  

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