C.G. - New Zealand     October 24th, 2018


Hi Jane!

I just want to first of all thank you so very much for the session on Friday. It was so extremely life changing for me and I can not explain how grateful I truely am that I got to meet you, talk to you and of course have a session with you. I really think what you are doing is so very special and important for the planet right now, and I am so very happy I got to be a part of it all. 


Thank you so much again Jane, I really can not express enough how incredible you and the whole experience was for me. 


All the best always,


C.G. - New Zealand

H.S.  Tokyo  November 16th, 2017

Big thanks for having and guiding me to such wonderful session the other day. I listened to the recording for the third time and it was mind-blowing. I couldn't imagined that I knew already what I need. It was indeed unique, surprising, yet very pleasant experience to connect with my higher self. 

Every time I listened to the recordings, it was just like I feel sudden rush of positive energy flowing to me. I always wondered about what life is, what purpose I should live, or even why I had physical discomfort ever since I was a kid.By having a QHHT session, Jane patiently and skillfully guided me to connect deeply to my soul. Then she interviews my soul with my questions and doubts. It was a unique and very pleasant experience to connect with your very own soul where you realize that you have already have all your answers inside yourself. I found myself feel extraordinarily calm and peaceful in heart during and after the session. The process may take time to manifest, but I do really believe that we have already been creating refreshing, new, bright realities in our life by connecting to our own souls and hearts. Oh, by the way, I found my skin smoother and looks younger (yeay!) at the end of the session. 

T.W. Victoria, Australia  October 5th, 2018

Hello Jane,

Thankyou very much for yesterdays experience and sharing your energy. It was truely amazing I sense this was the tip of the ice berg in some ways.

Finding it hard to put into words, the feeling was very happy regaining and finding something that was hidden. To describe it would be somewhat unfair I think you're better off experiencing this for yourself then you will truly know. It is a very personal experience.

I have learnt so much from this experience we are the creators of our realities. Still a little speechless from this experience. The next session will be even better. 

​Kind regards,

T.W. Victoria, Australia

P.K. Tokyo       January 12th, 2018


I Just had a session with Jane the other day and it was Amazing!!! She is a wonderful person and gently helped me the whole time! 

I was able to totally relax and connect easily with my Higher Self and it was a wonderful experience that I will never forget!!!


Thank you so much Jane!!!!!!

P. K. 〜 Tokyo

 K.T. Shikoku   May 5th, 2019

Hello Jane!!

How are you ?  

I have an update that I want to let you know.

You have to be the first one to hear this!!


I had an awakening moment and Union!

I now can separate more, the voice from higher self (me) and Ego and also, I can remember more, who I am.


I am learning more day by day, by surrendering to the guides that I "feel and trust."

Now this "feeling and trusting" part is the most important part that I have evolved and gained after your session.


 ( I know you are going to say, it's Dolores, so I will say, Both of you are so amazing! :) ) 

I feel so strong, so loving, so lively, so joyous and SO HAPPY!!!!!!!


You will always be one of my role model, helping others.

I will dedicate myself to whatever light working job that is lying ahead.

I am So looking forward to it, too!


I can't thank you enough !


Love and Light

K.T. Shikoku Island, Japan

J.B. Singapore       December 16th, 2018


Dear Jane


Many thanks for seeing me yesterday, it was a terrific session and very positive for someone who used to be very negative!


I feel great this morning and I'm heading out shortly to walk and be in amongst people and shops, I don't normally so already change is in place.


I will fill in the below as soon as I am home and many thanks for the recording. 


Will be in touch with updates and share my new way of being and fantastic life ahead:-)


Warm regards