K.T. Shikoku   May 5th, 2019

Hello Jane!!

How are you ?  

I have an update that I want to let you know.

You have to be the first one to hear this!!


I had an awakening moment and Union!

I now can separate more, the voice from higher self (me) and Ego and also, I can remember more, who I am.


I am learning more day by day, by surrendering to the guides that I "feel and trust."

Now this "feeling and trusting" part is the most important part that I have evolved and gained after your session.


 ( I know you are going to say, it's Dolores, so I will say, Both of you are so amazing! :) ) 

I feel so strong, so loving, so lively, so joyous and SO HAPPY!!!!!!!


You will always be one of my role model, helping others.

I will dedicate myself to whatever light working job that is lying ahead.

I am So looking forward to it, too!


I can't thank you enough !


Love and Light

K.T. Shikoku Island, Japan

J.B. Singapore       December 16th, 2018


Dear Jane


Many thanks for seeing me yesterday, it was a terrific session and very positive for someone who used to be very negative!


I feel great this morning and I'm heading out shortly to walk and be in amongst people and shops, I don't normally so already change is in place.


I will fill in the below as soon as I am home and many thanks for the recording. 


Will be in touch with updates and share my new way of being and fantastic life ahead:-)


Warm regards


Amazing healing: 'my hair and it has begun to grow back nicely already in those spots'.

July 25th, 2020

S.W. Yokohama, Japan

'I have been so well since the QHHT session! I regularly listen to the recording, especially before bed and I’m just so happy with how the session went. I feel like a lot of the stress I was holding onto has all but gone. I’m also very happy to say that I have stopped pulling my hair and it has begun to grow back nicely already in those spots! I have also received the government support (because of Covid-19) and will be able to use some of the money to finish up a few construction projects at my school, which will allow me to accept more students. That means very soon I will need to hire another teacher! All-in-all life has been going very well; my daughters are happy, my school is growing steadily, and even my husband and I are much nicer to each other'.

'Even now, a year later, he (my son) has absolutely no hay fever symptoms'

May 22nd, 2020

M.A. Yokohama, Japan


Last year in March my son had 5 bioresonance sessions. He was in his 5th year of primary school and had terrible hay fever since he was 5 years old.

When sleeping his nose would block and he would end up breathing through his mouth. He had terribly itchy eyes and so couldn't sleep well. He had an ever present cough and was very susceptible to colds which often turned into bronchitis. After having 5 bioresonance sessions he developed a terrible cough for about a week which worried me. But now looking back it was like a detoxification. After that his cough completely stopped and his hay fever symptoms totally disappeared. Even now, a year later, he has absolutely no hay fever symptoms, no cough and is really physically comfortable. I am really grateful! Thank-you very much! We found the cause of the cough with bioresonance and got diet guidance which really helped. We are now engaging in some self care measures to stay healthy. Jane、Thank-you very much!

'Amazing healing as my wrist strength improved literally the day after.'

May 3rd, 2019

E.D. - Melbourne, Australia.

Hi Jane,

Thank you so much for everything!
I’m so sorry it has taken me for forever to reply and fortunately my phone recording is so good because I didn’t even have time to download the other file.  I’ve had a strange few things happen since our session.  Some of the other students from the course we did started talking about the Nostradamus books and one posted that she was watching something on YouTube unrelated to QHHT and it changed to a video of Dolores talking about Nostradamus and time being an illusion and everything is happening now etc.  I was giving the group an update on our fantastic session and mentioned how strange it was that you had the urge to dust off the books.

I had quite a few restless nights and then I thought to listen to my recoding on my phone to relax and I was quite surprised that I dropped back into a deep trance when you started the body scan my body was heating up and the soles of my feet felt like they were touching a heater and the same thing happened with my wrists again more jiggling around and a sensation through the top of my head.  I think I will commit to listening to the recording once a week as I was surprised by how much I didn’t remember and how different my sub conscious sounded.  When I came to work after listening to the session I was calm when one of my managers came in with a negative and obstructive attitude.  It really helped me to recall my higher-self explaining how to react to him.  I am visiting one of the other students tomorrow up in Newcastle and a group of us have booked a weekend away to practice the technique. 

Last night I was playing around with my Oracle and Tarot cards and then I wanted to listen to something while I washed my hair in the shower so I turned on YouTube to listen to a Dolores video I love her Metaphysical hour shows and there was one loaded up on Tarot that day!  You will have to have a listen sometime you will hear a lot of interesting comments regarding what we were talking about regarding utilizing our other talents ;) 
I think she is giving us the okay through these channels to do what’s best for our clients. 

I am really keen to stay in touch and update you on how I am going I think there will be some very interesting outcomes post your session and amazing healing to come as my wrist strength improved literally the day after at yoga I was shocked and my flexibility had also done the same!

I am so grateful I have met you!  Thank you for sharing your gifts xoxox


'It was so extremely life changing'

October 24th, 2018

C.G. - New Zealand    


Hi Jane!

I just want to first of all thank you so very much for the session on Friday. It was so extremely life changing for me and I can not explain how grateful I truely am that I got to meet you, talk to you and of course have a session with you. I really think what you are doing is so very special and important for the planet right now, and I am so very happy I got to be a part of it all. 


Thank you so much again Jane, I really can not express enough how incredible you and the whole experience was for me. 


All the best always,


C.G. - New Zealand

'It was truly amazing!'

October 5th, 2018

T.W. Victoria, Australia 

Hello Jane,

Thankyou very much for yesterday's experience and sharing your energy. It was truely amazing! I sense this was the tip of the ice berg in some ways.

Finding it hard to put into words, the feeling was very happy regaining and finding something that was hidden. To describe it would be somewhat unfair I think you're better off experiencing this for yourself then you will truly know. It is a very personal experience.

I have learnt so much from this experience we are the creators of our realities. Still a little speechless from this experience. The next session will be even better. 

​Kind regards,


'It’s amazing looking back comparing what my life was like before and after the session'

June 27th, 2018

A.Y. - Tokyo

Dear Jane,

How are you?

It has been over a year since my two sessions and my life has shifted, so many things have happened after those sessions of QHHT. Everything that I desired and wished for, are in my hands. I’ve been having better relationships, time management, traveling more and have found the perfect partner! It’s amazing looking back comparing what my life was like before and after the session. The sessions were both an interesting journey and I felt very light and clear physically/emotionally afterwards. I am looking forward to the up coming changes in life.


Thank you for this experience, it’s been nice to know I can get in touch with my subconscious.

Hope to hear back from you soon.


Kind regards 


'A wonderful experience that I will never forget!!!'

January 12th, 2018

P.K. Tokyo


I Just had a session with Jane the other day and it was Amazing!!! She is a wonderful person and gently helped me the whole time! 

I was able to totally relax and connect easily with my Higher Self and it was a wonderful experience that I will never forget!!!


Thank you so much Jane!!!!!!

P. K. 

'It was mind-blowing!'

November 16th, 2017

H.S.  Tokyo

​Dear Jane,

Big thanks for having and guiding me to such wonderful session the other day. I listened to the recording for the third time and it was mind-blowing! I couldn't have imagined that I knew already what I need. It was indeed unique, surprising, yet very pleasant experience to connect with my higher self. 

Every time I listened to the recordings, it was just like I feel sudden rush of positive energy flowing to me. I always wondered about what life is, what purpose I should live, or even why I had physical discomfort ever since I was a kid. By having a QHHT session, Jane patiently and skillfully guided me to connect deeply to my soul. Then she interviewed my soul with my questions and doubts. It was a unique and very pleasant experience to connect with my very own soul where you realize that you have already have all your answers inside yourself. I found myself feel extraordinarily calm and peaceful in heart during and after the session.

The process may take time to manifest, but I do really believe that we have already been creating refreshing, new, bright realities in our life by connecting to our own souls and hearts. Oh, by the way, I found my skin smoother and looks younger (yeay!) at the end of the session.

Thank you! From now on, I believe it is time to start taking action.

Please take care of your health, too, and keep spreading light to people!

I wish you safe travels. Until we meet again (Aussie, perhaps? Haha)

Warmest regards,